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The state of peacefulness and happiness of mind may not be out of reach, in striving towards our goals, tiredness may overcame; by self-reflection, and learn to put down, delectation and happiness will be with you.

Meditation > Zen - Ring
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Zen - Ring
Price : USD$ 205.66
Concept Story

The concept was originated from Bodhidharma (ancestor of Chinese Zen Buddhism) in meditation. This design captures the body shape of his nine years of meditation in a Shaolin mountain cave in China. The yellow sapphire above the shape of the head is to represent the light of wisdom.  The centre part of the ring represents the natural form of the mountain rock.

Design Story: To open up the wisdom and peacefulness inside our heart.

Materials:925 Silver vermeil with 18K white gold
Overall Size:21mm x 27mm x 13mm
Product Code:MDL-101
Additional Info:3mm yellow sapphire